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About us. Hello friends!

     Our names are Ruslan and Oksana, husband and wife. We love to travel, spend time with our family, and take pictures. More than 10 years ago, we fell in love with photography and today it has become a big part of our lives.

     In a frame, more than anything we value the emotions experienced as well as the moments that can not be repeated in a production, which will be treasured for life.

     We acknowledge the fact that you are unable to shoot a wedding without certain staging but most importantly, we want the photos to not only convey the atmosphere of the celebration but also the emotions experienced.

     The combination of elegant, romantic, and natural photography has become our style. If you share our views on photography, please contact us. We would take pleasure in capturing something special for you.


     Our very first wedding was filmed in Ukraine on October 30th. 2010. After many years we still perfect remember this wedding which left our clients and us satisfied with the work.
     Over the years, we have filmed more than 300 weddings. With every wedding that we take part in filming. we try to do our best in empathizing with the couple and supporting them. We have extensive skill of working in different states and countries as well as different people. If you have any questions about planning a wedding, we are always happy to help.