How to arrange wedding in the Yosemite National Park?

Yosemite is one of the most beautiful places in the world.

   The statistics before COVID-19 show that it has been visited by almost 4,5 million tourists every year. Visit this park just once and you’ll feel like coming back ever after. It’s a dream venue for many, though a lot of people think it’s impossible to have such a big event there. 

The permit is the first thing on the list and... get one, follow the link:
Then you need to download an application, fill it out, pay 150$ and submit. The response usually takes 2 weeks. If it’s approved, you’ll have to complete the online registration for entering the park (new regulations due to COVID-19). Additionally entering fee is 35$ for each car. But in case you get disapproval, the money you have paid is not refundable.

The second thing is the date.

   We are used to having weddings on the weekends as most people find it difficult to come on a weekday. But here you’ll have to deal with number of guests  restrictions. So my personal recommendation would be to have a wedding on a weekday as it’s less crowded and therefore more romantic.

The third thing is hotel booking. 

   Distance is probably one of the biggest challenges. So there is no other way but to book a hotel as close as possible. I liked the hotel “Cedar Lodge” within 30 min drive from the park. And there is jacuzzi as an option so you can take an advantage of the opportunity and have some nice rest too))

The fourth point is to choose a place. 

   I consider time and venue to be of a great importance, so I recommend to come and find the place beforehand yourselves. Personally we like “Glacier Point” as it is both picturesque and romantic. And if you decide to have the ceremony in the early morning, you’ll have some extra time for the photo session after. But it’s up to you) 
   And can’t go without saying that the road to “Glacier Point” is closed in the cold season (since the beginning of November till the end of May).

Last but not least task is to find a good photographer. 

   That goes along with all the other things on the list if you wonna have a good memory after. It’s important to find the experienced photographers to know this very park really well. 
   We do know it, and even know the place and time the sun is setting down at, which is important for good photos. Happens that newlyweds need to change their clothes so we have a special tent for that. 
   We ourselves like travelling and finding new spots. And the Yosemite park is a special place for us.

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