How to plan a destination wedding in Mexico

"A destination wedding is an unforgettable experience for you and for your guests. At first it may seem stressful and/or difficult to plan a wedding from so far away. Follow these tips and you’ll realize how easy it actually is" — Ruslan Pastushak.


Choose a wedding agency

Start by looking for a reputable wedding agency. Most of the time, they don't charge you anything. Their job is to help you find a good resort and connect you with a wedding coordinator. The agency will then get commission from the resort.

Choose a location

There are thousands of beautiful resorts in Mexico, but try to consider your guests. Look for a location that’s not too far from a large international airport with convenient flights. Remember that all of your guests will need to travel from the airport to the resort, and then back to the airport after your wedding. Sometimes the resort can arrange transportation for your guests, but if they don’t, you’ll have to take care of it.

Choose a resort

The resort you choose depends on your budget and expectations. For us, the venue for our ceremony played the most important role. There were many options, ceremony on the beach, on the rooftop, in the jungle, or next to a cenote. When we first saw pictures of the location, we fell in love right away. Keep in mind that your dream location may not be available on the date you want. So start planning ahead of time and try to be flexible with the date. We wanted a specific date and only had 1.5 months to plan (give yourself more time) so the chances of getting our dream location were very low. Thankfully, the Lord was good to us and our dream came true.

Pros and Cons

A destination wedding is a great option for those who want a small wedding at a unique location. We had only 36 guests and we were able to interact with every single person during our celebration. Most of the guests stayed at the resort for at least 3 days and created their own mini vacation. If some of your guests can’t afford to cover their flights or their stay in Mexico, consider covering one of those (or both) for them and just include those costs as part of your wedding budget.

Wedding planning wasn't difficult

   Because our wedding coordinator, from the resort, managed all the details and was in constant communication with us over email. She took care of the venue, food, decorations, etc. Pro tip, keep your wedding attire in a carry-on bag. The airlines can lose your checked in bags, and may not be able to find them in time for your wedding day. It’s also helpful to come a couple days prior, to familiarize yourself with the resort, and ensure everything is arranged properly. The biggest benefit of having a destination wedding in Mexico is that you don't need to travel far for the honeymoon. We went to Tulum which was a 1 hour drive from the resort where the wedding was. 
— Written by the bride Eugenia Groshev.

Hope this information was useful and you enjoy your destination wedding

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