The top-10 places for a photo shoot in California

1. Taft Point

   Yosemite is one of the most beautiful places on the planet Earth. There are many locations for relaxation, photo sessions, or just enjoying God's creation. It is not as busy with tourists as other famous places are. The path probably take about 20-25 minutes however it’s not exhausting at all, it’s even interesting when you get lucky to meet a deer or other another animal.
   Sunset hour is the best time to contemplate the beauty of Taft Point. It is an incredibly beautiful sight when the sun sets below the horizon, and its rays make their way over the cascade of rocks, making beautiful lines.

2. Pismo Beach

   I can talk a lot about this place for a long time. Today I’m telling you about the sand. In California, there are a lot of sand, but Pismo Beach is one of not many places where there are real desert dunes.

   There are places where you can ride the sand on ATVs, or just walk along the dunes and watch the wind collect sand from their fabulous manes. But most importantly, I can take unusual photos here. And although the way to here take at least 5 hours, I want to assure you that it is worth it.

3. Shark Fin Cove

   I think the name itself should already tell you something about this coast. Indeed, the cliff in the middle of the bay resembling a shark fin, hence the name “Shark Fin Cove”. If you visit here at least once, you will want to come back.

   This is an unforgettably beautiful place. Stones covered with green moss that seem to float out of the water, and the splashing waves at sunset are like sparks from a fire. Here you can just walk along the edge of a steep coast, watch the sun go down over the horizon, and if you are lucky, you will see the wild rabbits that do not immediately run away at the rustle of human steps.

4. Zabriskie (Death Valley)

   I never thought that the trip to the Death Valley could be exciting and not lethal :)
   Upturns, slopes, serpentines, sand, valleys, cliffs and even oasis follow Zabriskie Point. That’s a unique place where you feel if you were on another planet as the colours there are unreal which must be seen with your own eyes. I like the place cuz you can see everything almost straight from the parking lot and you don’t have to go far away. This place is very beautiful and comfortable for the photo sessions as the light is reflected from the cliffs and are very soft.

   The only thing check the weather in advance and grab some water with you as you are going through the Valley of Death :)

5. Joshua Tree 

   The name of this park comes from amazing Joshua trees growing there. But the trees are not the only attractions for tourists and photographers. The main one is the great rock complex located in the centre of the park, which together with trees make it interesting and beautiful. The park itself isn’t very big and takes little time to drive through. 
   Also mountain climbers with their equipment are often seen there. They climb the peak of these neither man-made nor high but still picturesque rocks. Children love this place as it is possible for them to climb some cliffs.

6. Rodeo Beach

   Rodeo Beach in Sousalito is located near San Francisco. This beach attracts me because the parking is very close to the beach, and its peculiarity is that the are rocks in the water.
   I like to photograph when the sun sets over the horizon of the ocean, and its rays between the rocks make it look a lot better. It is always interesting and attracts many couples in love.

7. Cypress Tree Tunnel

   The Tunnel of cypress on the Point Race peninsula is very popular destination not only for professional photographers but also for amateurs. The road to old white building at the end of the tunnel, which was radio station before, is closed for cars, but it’s a good point as you can walk around and take photos at ease.

   This spot is located on the way to lighthouse, which is very beautiful and also popular, but I’m gonna write about it in the next post.

8. Chimney Rock Trail (Point Reyes)

   It’s one of the most popular places on the Point Reyes peninsula. Chimney Rock Trail goes 1,7 miles along the ridge, where you can see both ocean and bay at the same time. It’s often windy there, so it’s better to grab warm clothes with you. 
   Besides wonderful landscape one can see deer, or even elephant seals. I carry photo sessions on weekdays only, as it’s not so crowded with tourists and the road to such places is often closed on the weekend. The shuttle is working for visitors, but it’s not that comfortable for photo sessions.

9. Mount Tamalpais

   Tamalpais mount is the highest point of the north part of San Francisco Bay. 
   Besides beautiful landscapes the one can often see the fog coming from the ocean and making the flat surface at the foot of the mountain.It’s also possible to see the bay and the remote San Francisco there. 
   But if you are dreaming about photo session with some older model cars or motorbikes, that’s the place for your great ideas.

10. Pfeiffer Beach (Big Sur)

   This place is often crowded with photographers especially at the sunset. They are attracted by the cliff located in the water which has a crevice like a “Keyhole”. When the sun is going down, the rays go through this ark making a marvelous view. 
   The sand is also interesting here as It is flashing the colors from different angles of the light. Though the entrance to the beach is not free. 
Permits, entrance fees, no phones, or walking only areas are specific requirements in some of these places.

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