Wedding on the beach

Our wedding planning started like every engaged couples

   We started looking for a venue, florist, photographer, videographer, host, and all the other things that we wanted at our wedding. However, in the middle of our engagement COVID-19 started. So 5 month into our engagement we got a call from our venue that they are being shut down by the government until further notice due to regulations. So when this happened we were devastated. Our dream wedding was pulled out from under our feet. But God had even better plans for us. 

We started looking for places that do not have an many regulations to have a wedding.

   So we started looking and we found that a wedding at the beach had very little regulations and with COVID-19 many locations put that only around 10 people can attend the wedding. So with this in mind we started looking for the perfect location. We drove along Route 1 from Santa Cruz down to Pismo Beach. And that’s where we found the perfect location, on the sandy beach of Pismo. We found a hotel right by the beach that had a stair case leading down to the beach.

In order to do this, it is required to submit an application to the City that costs $60 at the time. We also booked a couple rooms at that Seacrest Hotel that allowed us to get ready the morning of and not require us to drive the 3 hour from Fresno that morning. We also worked with our photographer, videographer and make up artist and either booked them a room in a nearby hotel or covered their hotel in their payment. 

With all of this... place we were allowed to get a good nights rest before the wedding and not feel rushed the morning of. This allowed our florist to get everything ready on the beach while we were getting ready. And to include all of our friends and family in our wedding we had a live stream set up that allowed people to watch our wedding from their homes.

Even though...

...this was not the wedding we had originally planned out, this was our perfect wedding. Our dream of having a beach wedding was fulfilled and this was only because of the grace of God and the plans he had for us.


Elizabeth and Alex

Hope this information was useful and you enjoy your destination wedding

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